Spit Rotisserie


* Charcoal Spit Rotisserie with 2 grill plates
* Able to hold a whole Lamb or Pig
* Can hold up to 40 kgs of meat in small chunks or one large piece
* Electric rotisserie turns your meat at a good consistent pace to beautifully cook succulent meat for your function
* Has a wind protector and several size forks to suit your meat requirements
* Start up Charcoal and firelighters included, extra bags maybe purchased

* Pick up or delivery available


spit.jpg - large       spitmeat.jpg - small



          Price : 

               Spit Rotisserie:                        $130

               Refundable Cleaning Bond:       $  50

              * Some areas may incur a travel fee*

6 Burner BBQ


* Can hold up over 100 sausages or hamburgers at one time 

* Great for large family gatherings and fundraising events at your school or club

* Pick up only

BBQ.jpg - large     sausagesonbbq.jpg - small




               BBQ:             $80  

               Gas bottle:     $40